Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stylish sofas by Pianca

A large, bold, comfortable and unique living room sofa is something every living room could benefit from. The Pianca sofas can transform your living room in a place of pure relaxation with deep and impeccable comfort that is instantly felt. Elegance and design marked by the "Made in Italy" signature.

The combination of beauty and function is Pianca's motto which is evident in their extensive line of modern sofas. At Pianca, adding convenience and function to modern homes is as important as adding a sophisticated style.

Check the whole collection here


  1. I really love that violet sofa. where can i order some of those furniture? I know it fits in my living room!

    1. Dear Ira!
      I've checked very carefully the Pianca's webpage and it seems that you can't order directly from their site. I'd suggest you to write them a short letter with your request. Use this link:

  2. You can never order directly from an Italian supplier, but you can always ask them who sells their products locally. Nice sofas by the way!