Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DIY of the day

I really love these DIY projects, they make me excited and usually, I can't wait to make them.

This one is really nice and funny, and easy to create. You can even involve your kids in the activity, they will absolutely love it.

So if you have some empty walls, which are crying out for some colorful artworks, you should try to do it. I'm sure that everybody's going to admire it and ask "where did you buy it?"

So let's check the materials that we need: 5 potatoes, acrylic paints in rainbow colors, black, white, and fluorescents, paper cups, brushes, plastic plates for mixing paints, ruler, pencil, large pieces of paper (however big you want your artwork).

Step 1: Use your ruler and pencil place little marks where you are going to stamp your potato.

Step 2: Mix the paint. To get the greatest variety of colors mix your paint yourself in paper cups.

Step 3: Cut one or two of the potatoes in half and cut out a 3/4″ circle with a knife. You’ll want some more potato stamps so you can print with more colors at the same time.

Step 4: Print with one color at a time, place the paint on the plate so you can stamp the potato in it. Then start stamping randomly throughout the print. Continue with all the colors until it's all filled out.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Jonathan Adler's Kohler sinks

Kohler began offering colorful kitchens and bath fixtures in the 20s and has continuously updated the shades in its products to reflect changing time and tastes.
These shades from Jonathan Adler are truly 2012.
The collection consists of 5 sink styles in four vibrant shades. Each sink is made of enameled cast iron.
The designer, brings his singularly vivacious style to the kitchen and bathroom, creating this gorgeous sink collection , which comes even with a lifetime guarantee.
Take a look!

Palermo Blue: A modern, saturated version of the aqua that was so popular in 60's kitchens and bathrooms

Greenwich Green: Not Your Grandmother's Avocado!

Piccadilly Yellow: A mod yellow that pairs well with white for a pop of unexpected color.

Annapolis Navy: A chic take on the classic nautical color scheme.



Colorful accessories for your home

Here are a couple of trendy accessories and furnitures for your home found in a Swedish interior design magazine Leva & Bo . Take a look, you'll find great inspirations.

Pillar table Docksta 1 695 SEK. Karim Rashid's tough chair Ottawa 3850 SEK, BoConcept. Ceiling Ball in metal with black fabric cable, 879 SEK, vase Ottawa, 629 SEK BoConcept. Drapery Blueberry City with patterns of Lotta Kulhorn, 279 SEK, Åhléns. On the table: mini casseroles 49 SEK, all Åhléns.

Candlesticks by Dick Lundgren for Men at Work. Can be unscrewed and combined in different ways, 300-350 SEK , Candlestick Squirrel, 295 SEK, Pluto. Washer Stureplan by Olle Eksell, 395 crowns, DesignTorget.

Brick table Drum designed by Corinna Warm, 2770 SEK, Swedese. Pitcher, 80 SEK, Blomsterlandet. Flowered cups of Anna Broström, 135 SEK, Design Square. Wallpaper Amelie, 899 per roll, Sandberg. Woven plastic carpet Helmi, 150 x 200 centimeters, 2 400 kronor, Brita Sweden.

Shelf Plastic Downtown Height 183 cm, width 54 cm, 6875 SEK, Gulled. Kookoos Early Bird alarm , 479 SEK, Kortirocken. Lacquered cans, 39 SEK, Lagerhaus. Aluminium box Pantone, 260 SEK, Inreda.com

Staffan Holm's cool pallet 1790 SEK, Swedese. Woven plastic carpet Gunnel 70 x 200 centimeters, 1 100 SEK, Brita Sweden.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blogger's single room

The following room is owned and designed by a young talented blogger from Portugal, Pedro Rodrigues. As we can see the main elements like the shelf system, bed, the Malm Byrå,etc. are from Ikea, but the accessories he chose are fantastic and very unique. I love how he combined the blue and the yellow green with black and white surfaces. The room is very masculine and full of personality!
Congratulation Pedro Rodrigues, you did a great job!!


The pastel house

Pure pastel colors, great furnitures, beautiful and personalized accessories. These are the ingredients of this gorgeous apartment from the German interior design magazine, Wohn Idee .
The place is very summery, very fresh and soo cozy, that it makes me want to jump into the photos.
Every accessory and furniture has got it's own personality. These shots gave me a lot of inspiration for my further interior design projects.
Take a look and enjoy!