Friday, April 6, 2012

15 gorgeous radiators

Everybody wants to have a comfortable temperature at their houses, but good looking and creative radiators are hard to find. These radiators not only can heat your place, but also become stylish decorations of your walls. I think that the ugly cast iron radiator problem is solved. Let's just see what we've got here!

Scudi by Antrax

Curval by Irsap

Cheese by Ridea

Whoops by Ad hoc

Smart by Ridea

Montecarlo by Tubes

Flower radiator by Hello

Square by Scirocco

Calorisfero by MID

Graffe by Scirocco

Zero Otto by Antrax

Add one by Tubes

Tangent life by Zavar

Zero Otto by Antrax

And for the kids

Thermosaurus Radiator by Art Lebedev Studio via

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