Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Small vivid apartment by Ana Marinenko

This conceptual vivid apartment by Anna Marinenko, destined for guests is positively bursting with bright decisions in the choice of colors, furniture and accessories. The designer combines only two colors adding white and fleeting bases of black and grey.

"The idea is to make a colorful and a bright interior, but do not overdo it with colors, and not get in the end white interior with small spots of color, although it is also very nice, but too simple. I hope I was able to find a middle ground," says the artist

The clock takes inspiration from Japanese flag, blood drops and circular ripples in the water designed as a tribute to the Japanese people who suffered loss during the huge tsunami and earthquake on March 2011.
"The clock has a simple design with two circular plates – red and white, with one sliding over the other, while moving in a circular pattern, and although there is a slight learning curve to telling time"
You can check her works here

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