Thursday, May 31, 2012

Modern oasis in the desert

How would it feel to have a holiday residence in the Nevada desert? Well, Fabrizio Rondolino journalist, novelist definitely knows it. He gave a real challenge to Peter Strzebniok and the architectural design company, Nottoscale S. Francisco when he chose this unusual location for his residence.
"The architects of Nottoscale have raised the building on a concrete base that emerges from the ground and opened windows on the sides to offer more views, such as the mountain ranges that can be seen from the kitchen’s window. The simplicity of this concept is extraordinarily suited for the desert environment. You have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, two service areas, as well as a large open area – kitchen, dining room, living room – and a terrace."

The interior design is stunning as well. The white base combined with red and black create a very fresh effect. The big windows are also fantastic, just try to imagine how it could be to wake up in a modern, comfortable environment and the first thing that you can see is the wild, endless desert. Not bad, huh?

"The house has been positioned in a way that allows them to exploit the local winds to ensure a comfortable temperature without being necessary to add an air conditioning system. As a precaution the windows facing south are shaded by the trellis and all rooms have windows facing north, in order to avoid heat buildup."


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