Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY project of the day: Sculptural Paper Orb Lighting

This project is a good example of the magic that can happen when you experiment with new materials. This Sculptural paper orb created by Heather Jennings looks very pretty and at the same time it's quite easy to make your own. This craft is also a great way to recycle an old lamp.
Let's check the materials that we need!

-100–125 white standard-sized paper cupcake liners
-100–125 vertically striped petit fours papers
-18–20″ white paper lantern
-hot glue gun
-1 Hemma Cord from IKEA

At first place the lantern in a wide shallow bowl to act as a base. Then put s small amount of glue on the backside of a white cupcake liner, place it on the lantern and press until it's attached. Continue around the ring, spacing the papers so that the circular bases are approximately 1''(2,54cm) apart.

Apply the cupcake papers around the lantern until you are 3/4 of the way down, then flip the lantern over and place it back in the bowl, top side down and complete the underside. Once you have finished applying the white cupcake liners, start applying the petit fours papers, centering them inside each white paper.

Drop a light in and enjoy your brand new creation.


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